Monday, April 25, 2011

My first Islamic Easter

Once upon a time, two Singaporean princesses caught the travel bug. They had dreams of conquering Southeast Asia, one country at a time. So when they got the opportunity to visit Kuala Lumpur, the capital of bordering country Malaysia, they grabbed it. However, their trip did not go as planned.

These princesses boarded a five hour night bus to KL from Singapore. The bus ended up taking seven hours, but the princesses did not let this dampen their spirits. These princesses were responsible travelers and had booked their hostel in advance. Unfortunately the cab driver could not find said hostel, so the princesses were left on the side of the road at 3AM.

The princesses were getting stalked and harassed by street bums, so they walked into the first hostel they saw. The man at the door seemed very nice and gave the princesses a reasonable price. But once the princesses walked into their room, they were shocked. This room was not fit for a princess. This room was not even fit for a street bum! The princesses were too tired to care, so they slept on dirty shirts in a room with moldy walls and no hot water.

At least it was air conditioned?
The next day, the princesses found a new hostel. This hostel was much better and the hostel owner said that they could share a mixed dorm with two handsome Danish princes. The princesses were very excited because they loved to make new (male) friends. Unfortunately the Danish princes were not interested in becoming friends with the Singaporean princesses. But the princesses did not let this dampen their spirits either.

The two princesses began soaking in Malaysian culture. They visited the National Mosque, the Islamic Arts Museum and the Petronas Twin Towers. They even got to wear burqas! They finally were starting to fit in.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Local Muslim babes

That evening, the princesses decided to experience KL nightlife. For the first time ever, they were rejected to not one, but TWO, clubs. The princesses were flat out pissed off. They couldn't understand their bad luck. The only people that wanted to talk to the Singaporean princesses were two Australian pre-teens who were 'double-dared' to go up to them. They decided to make the most out of their misfortunate so they spent the night at a shisha bar called Baghdad Nights with middle aged Arab men.

The next day, they ventured off to the Batu Caves. After hundreds of stares and dirty looks by locals, they finally arrived. They spent the morning indulging in the Indian culture of Kuala Lumpur and enjoyed it very much.

The princesses were hungry for lunch, so they headed back to their hostel. Then they realized - Oh no! - they only had 10 ringgit ($2.50USD) left. So they got happy meals from McDonalds, which did not make them happy at all.

The princesses decided that they were over Kuala Lumpur. They got on a bus back to Singapore where they spent the rest of the weekend eating dimsum and lounging at the pool. They lived happily ever after.

The End.


  1. why did the clubs reject you!


  2. yes! why did they reject you guys?


  3. You had to be 23 to get in :(